The Scale of Things
(Salmon Poetry, 2013)
"These poems work their way up and down the scale of things, testing for size, for depth, for music. Walking a landscape is a favoured method of approach. Sometimes things are too large, they resist – "we searched for a way/out and down off the mountain." (Descent).... It has been 14 years since Denniston's well-reviewed chapbook, The Point of Singing - this first full collection is long overdue, but it has been well worth the wait." (Mark Roper)

The Point Of Singing
(Abbey Press, 1999)
"The sensibility which informs the drawn to celebration and tenderness, but remains instinctively watchful..." (Michael Coady, poet)

"Edward Denniston is a rare animal - a Southern Irish poet writing from the Protestant tradition. He makes good use of his Calvanist write with imagination, sympathy and love..." (North Magazine)

" we have an exploration of Protestant identity...with a sense of uneasiness... [The poems have] an intensity which is thinly disguised by a kind of familiarity of language..." (from radio review on Off The Shelf, RTE)

Interacting - 60 Scripts
(Russell House Publishing, 2007)
" easily accessible book that will to be a thought- provoking reference point for many drama practicioners..." (Youth Drama Ireland Magazine)

"...[this book] gets to the heart of human misunderstandings, slips of the tongue and the subtle undercurrents silently at work in every day conversation." (Duncan Salkeld, senior lecturer, Department of English, University of Chichester)

Eskimo Advice
(Rectory Press & Hayrake Press)
Eskimo Advice - an ebook of poems

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